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Immigration Law: A Primer

Michael A. Scaperlanda
January 1, 2009
In Print: Available for Distribution

This monograph provides an introduction to and overview of immigration law, with a focus on analyzing issues that arise in litigation. It sets out the legislative history, explains the statutory and administrative regime, and describes the substantive and procedural law relevant to federal judges, including circuit splits. Topics covered include the Real ID Act and its effect on judicial review, categories of admissibility, asylum, deportation, removal, relief, waiver, and remedies. The Primer addresses the role of the immigration judge, and explains the procedures set forth by the BIA, DHS, and DOJ. Workplace and enforcement issues are also discussed. Case law is current through the October 2008 Supreme Court term, and appellate and district court cases reported through 558 F.3d and 594 F. Supp.2d. The monograph contains sources for further reading, glossary, appendix, and table of cases.