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Translated Materials: Chinese — 汉语

联邦司法中心--美国联邦法院的教育与研究机构 | Federal Judicial Center—Education and Research for the U.S. Federal Courts

美国司法体系:简述 | The United States Legal System: A Short Description

美国司法机构的法律与辅助工作人员 | Legal and Court Staff in the United States Judiciary

美国的司法独立:当前存在的问题与相关背景信息 | Judicial Independence in the United States: Current Issues and Relevant Background Information

在美国联邦法院中的 | Judicial Conduct and Discipline in the United States Federal Courts

替代性纠纷解决机制 | Alternative Dispute Resolution in the United States District Courts

United States Constitution (Simplified Chinese translation) | PDF document on the National Constitution Center website

International Commercial Arbitration: A Guide for U.S. Judges | Summarized Chinese translation

美国司法系统 | Overview of the U.S. Judicial System-Slides

联邦司法中心 | Overview of the Federal Judicial Center-Slides