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Translated Materials: English

This webpage includes materials about the U.S. court system and related resources in English and a number of foreign languages. There are also a few publications that have been translated by visitors to the Federal Judicial Center. The most up-to-date versions of the documents are in English. The Federal Judicial Center updates foreign language translations as funding becomes available, see menu of languages to your right.

Federal Judicial Center—Education and Research for the U.S. Federal Courts (PDF)

U.S. Legal System: A Short Description (PDF)

Federal Courts and What They Do (PDF)

Judicial Independence in the United States: Current Issues and Relevant Background Information (PDF)

Legal and Court Staff in the United States Judiciary (PDF)

Judicial Conduct and Discipline in the United States Federal Courts (PDF)

Alternative Dispute Resolution in the United States District Courts (PDF)

Judicial Performance Evaluation (PDF)

Federal Judicial Administration (PDF)

Who Works in a United States Federal Court (PDF)

Judicial Conference of the United States (PDF)

Overview of the U.S. Judicial System-Slides (PDF)

Overview of the Federal Judicial Center-Slides (PDF)