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The FJC and What It Does: Publications

The list of FJC publications below is only a sample selection.

Use the Catalog to browse other FJC publications by subject and to search by keyword.

Handbooks and Manuals

Law Clerk Handbook: A Handbook for Law Clerks to Federal Judges, Revised Third Edition (2017) 164 pages

Patent Case Management Judicial Guide, Third Edition (2016) 1230 pages

Deskbook for Chief Judges of U.S. District Courts, Fourth Edition (2014) 88 pages

Benchbook for U.S. District Court Judges, Sixth Edition (2013) 300 pages

Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence, Third Edition (2011) 1034 pages

Civil Litigation Management Manual (2010) 220 pages

Manual on Recurring Problems in Criminal Trials, Sixth Edition (2010) 101 pages

Manual for Complex Litigation, Fourth (2004) 819 pages

Template for Chief Circuit Judges' Deskbooks (2001) 31 pages

International Litigation Guides

International Human Rights Litigation: A Guide for Judges (2016) 188 pages

Discovery in International Civil Litigation: A Guide for Judges (2015) 136 pages

International Environmental Law: A Guide for Judges (2015) 42 pages

International Extradition: A Guide for Judges (2014) 40 pages

Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties and Letters Rogatory: A Guide for Judges (2014) 40 pages

The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act: A Guide for Judges (2013) 156 pages

International Commercial Arbitration: A Guide for U.S. Judges (2012) 152 pages

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments (2012) 54 pages

Other Publications

Mindfulness and Judging (2016) 10 pages

Pro Se Case Management for Nonprisoner Civil Litigation (2016) 158 pages

Criminal e-Discovery: A Pocket Guide for Judges (2015) 90 pages

The 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction: A Guide for Judges, Second Edition (2015) 275 pages

National Security Case Studies: Special Case-Management Challenges, Sixth Edition (2015) 642 pages

Managing the Chapter 15 Cross-Border Insolvency Case: A Pocket Guide for Judges, Second Edition (2014) 51 pages

Judicial Writing Manual: A Pocket Guide for Judges, Second Edition (2013) 56 pages

Keeping Government Secrets: A Pocket Guide for Judges on the State-Secrets Privilege, the Classified Information Procedures Act, and Classified Information Security Officers, Second Edition (2013) 49 pages

Managing Discovery of Electronic Information: A Pocket Guide for Judges, Second Edition (2012) 48 pages​

Compensatory Damages Issues in Patent Infringement Cases: A Pocket Guide for Federal District Court Judges (2011) 48 pages

Managing Multidistrict Litigation in Products Liability Cases: A Pocket Guide for Transferee Judges (2011) 53 pages

U.S. Rule of Law Assistance: A Guide for Judges (2011) 19 pages

Managing Class Action Litigation: A Pocket Guide for Judges, Third Edition (2010) 55 pages

Sealing Court Records and Proceedings: A Pocket Guide (2010) 26 pages

The Elements of Case Management: A Pocket Guide for Judges, Second Edition (2006) 22 pages

Mediation & Conference Programs in the Federal Courts of Appeals: A Sourcebook for Judges and Lawyers, Second Edition (2006) 129 pages

A Guide to Judicial Management of Cases in ADR (2001) 205 pages

Effective Use of Courtroom Technology: A Judge's Guide to Pretrial and Trial (2001) 369 pages

ADR and Settlement in Federal District Courts: A Sourcebook for Judges and Lawyers (1996) 308 pages

Appellate Opinion Writing (1975) 20 pages