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Multiple Suits After an Election to Relax the Standards for Counting and Recounting Votes

Robert Timothy Reagan
May 15, 2020
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Democratic Executive Committee of Florida v. Detzner (4:18-cv-520), VoteVets Action Fund v. Detzner (4:18-cv-524), DSCC v. Detzner (4:18-cv-526), and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee v. Detzner (4:18-cv-528) (Mark E. Walker and Robert L. Hinkle, N.D. Fla.)
The campaign for the ultimately unsuccessful reelection of a U.S. senator filed four federal complaints during the week following a general election. Each complaint raised a different issue: signature matching on mail and provisional ballots, mail ballot deadlines, manual recount rules, and recount deadlines. The judge enjoined disqualification of votes for mismatched signatures without an opportunity to resolve the mismatch. The judge denied relief in the other cases.
Subject: Absentee and early voting. Topics: Signature matching; absentee ballots; provisional ballots; recounts; recusal; case assignment; intervention.

One of many Case Studies in Emergency Election Litigation.