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Mandatory Initial Discovery Pilot: A Discussion of Practice and Effects

Dawn Bergin, Mark Brain, John Rea, David G. Campbell, David B. Rosenbaum, Patrick J. McGroder
April 6, 2017

Judge David Campbell (D. Ariz.) chairs a panel discussion that includes three Arizona state judges and two attorneys practicing in Arizona state courts. The experts in Arizona state court civil litigation discuss the effect of discovery rules like the pilot project rules in Arizona state court litigation. Panelists observe that the idea is to get both good and bad facts on the table early in the case so that lawyers can promptly litigate the case.

The pilot project is governed in participating courts by a Standing Order, and a Users’ Manual explains the project’s procedures and requirements. A Checklist summarizes requirements in a time line.

Introduction to the Mandatory Initial Discovery Pilot” is a twenty-two-minute video description of the pilot project’s goals and procedures.

A Federal Judicial Center website displays additional information about the Mandatory Initial Discovery Pilot Project.