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Memo: Senator Joseph Biden's Comments at his Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings Held June 26th

Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Joseph R. Biden, William Hubbs Rehnquist, Aubrey Eugene Robinson Jr.
July 9, 1990
Archival Copy on File

At a Senate Judiciary hearing on S. 2648, Senator Biden criticized statements made by Judge Aubrey E. Robinson and Administrative Office director L. Ralph Mecham. In response to this, Mecham writes a memo to members of the Judicial Conference, clarifying his remarks. He attaches related correspondence between Senator Biden, Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Judge Robinson, and himself. He also attaches a transcript of the remarks he made at the D.C. Circuit Conference, which inspired the critical response from Senator Biden. Correspondence is dated 6/6/1990, 6/12/1990, and 6/26/1990.