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May 8, 1997

A Periodic Assessment of the impact of the Civil Justice Cost and Delay Reduction Plan enacted in the Northern District of Ohio. Transmitted to the Honorable Anne C. Williams by Advisory Group member Lawerence A. Salibra

May 8, 1997

Ronald J. Hedges transmits a draft of the Fifth Periodic Assessment of the Civil Justice Expense and Delay Reduction Plan for the District of New Jersey to Frederick M. Russillo of the Administrative Office.

May 1, 1997

The periodic assessment of the Civil Justice Advisory Group of the Northern District of Texas for 1996.

April 8, 1997

Clerk of the Court Richard T. Martin encloses the Middle District of Louisiana Civil Justice Advisory Group's Periodic Assessment for 1996 in a letter to Recipients of the Civil Justice Expense and Delay Reduction Plan.

April 2, 1997

Clerk of the Court Robert C. Heineman transmits local rules changes for the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York to William R. Burchill, Jr., Abel J. Mattos, Lydia Pelegrin, and peter G. McCabe. The effective date of change for both district courts is April 15, 1997.

March 31, 1997

Local Rules Adopted by the Boards of Judges of the-United States District Courts for the-Southern and Eastern Districts of New York-Effective April 15, 1997.

March 3, 1997

The annual assessment includes survey results and statistical analysis of the civil and criminal workloads

March 1, 1997

A draft of the 1996 Periodic Assessment for the Southern District of California

January 30, 1997

Administrative Office Director L. Ralph Mecham transmits the RAND report on the results of the Civil Justice Reform Act, along with an Administrative Office press release on the RAND study and related news articles to the chief justice and the judicial conference

January 29, 1997

Institute for Civil Justice, Rand Corporation.


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