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January 1, 1986
Doris Marie Provine

A discussion of various techniques for settlement, such as judicial mediation, court-annexed arbitration, the use of special masters, summary jury trials, minitrials, and settlement conferences conducted by magistrate judges. The report is based on a conference of judges experienced in different types of settlement, interviews with court personnel, and literature in the field.

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January 1, 1984
John E. Shapard

A theoretical economic analysis that compares the influence of five attorney fee rules on litigants' financial incentives: the American rule, the English rule, statutory provisions allowing recovery by prevailing plaintiffs, contingent fee arrangements, and an offer-of-judgment rule.

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January 1, 1977
Alvin B. Rubin, Hubert Louis Will, Robert Reynold Merhige Jr.

An analysis of some judicial techniques that help maximize the possibility of freely negotiated settlements. Reprinted in 75 Federal Rules Decisions 203

January 1, 1977
Frederick B. Lacey

A discussion of the judge's role as mediator in negotiating settlement of cases before they go to trial.

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