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Researching Federal Court History

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January 1, 2010
Federal Judicial Center Federal Judicial History Office

This guide describes the records of the federal courts, as well as records of Congress and the executive branch, that are relevant to researching federal judicial history. Note: Minor updates may occasionally be made to this document. Please consult the electronic version for the most current information.


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January 1, 1998
Peter A. Wonders

This directory provides students of federal judicial history with the locations of and descriptions of the contents of manuscript collections related to federal judges, including Supreme Court justices and judges of the U.S. courts of appeals, U.S. circuit courts, U.S. district courts, territorial courts, and various special courts. The materials described in this publication are located in libraries and other institutions open to the public.

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January 1, 1992
Anthony Champagne, Cynthia E. Harrison, Adam Land

A directory to some 900 oral history interviews with federal judges and other persons involved in federal litigation or associated with the federal courts. The directory was compiled from a nation-wide survey of courts, libraries, and historical societies and from bibliographies of oral histories. The volume includes a form for reporting newly discovered interviews to the Center's Federal Judicial History Office.

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