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Mass Torts

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February 25, 2015
S. Elizabeth Gibson
January 1, 2005

Designed as resource for judges to guide them through the complexities of managing mass tort bankruptcy reorganizations, this publication draws lessons from difficult-to-find sources and presents them in a form that is part judicial manual, part treatise, and part case study.

March 23, 2004

This work describes approaches that trial judges have found to be useful in managing complex cases.

Laural L. Hooper, Joe S. Cecil, Thomas E. Willging
June 15, 2001

This report to the Judicial Conference Committee on Court Administration and Case Management describes two different types of independent panels used in the silicone gel breast implants litigation.

S. Elizabeth Gibson
January 1, 2000

This is an expanded version of a report that was previously published as Appendix E of the Report of the Advisory Group on Civil Rules and the Working Group on Mass Torts (Report on Mass Tort Litigation) February 15, 1999.

Thomas E. Willging
January 1, 1999

The Mass Torts Working Group, appointed in 1998 by the Chief Justice, asked the Center to conduct a literature review examining problems related to mass torts and to discuss proposals for resolving those problems. This report is the result of that research.

Carol Witcher, Melissa Deckman Fallon, Philip Egelston, Rebecca Spiro, Suzanne Hruby, Thomas E. Willging
January 1, 1999

This report, done for the Mass Torts Working Group, appointed in 1998 by the Chief Justice, organizes and presents information from published sources on about fifty sets of mass tort litigations involving personal injury and property damage claims.

Carol E. Drew, D. Dean P. Miletich, Molly Johnson
January 1, 1998

A report on the Center's study of the vaccine injury program. The report examines why the program was created, its implementation, the filing and termination rates over its course, and participants' views of the program.

Jay Tidmarsh
January 1, 1998

This report by Professor Jay Tidmarsh of Notre Dame Law School examines five cases in which Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure has been used to achieve a settlement of a mass tort controversy.


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