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November 16, 2004
Mira Gur-Arie, Russell R. Wheeler

This is a Chinese language translation of Judicial Independence in the United States: Current Issues and Relevant Background Information, which was published by the U.S.

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January 1, 2004

A brief overview of the United States federal court system and a discussion of the work performed by three categories of personnel: judicial (magistrate and bankruptcy judges); legal (law clerks and staff attorneys); and administrative (clerks of court and circuit executives). This paper was presented at the Seminar on the Management of the Assistant Personnel to Judges, Changzhou, China, November 22 - 26, 2004. A Mandarin Chinese translation of this paper is available here.

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January 1, 2001
Judicial Conference of the United States, Committee on Court Administration and Case Management

This manual provides trial judges a handbook on managing civil cases. It sets out a wide array of case-management techniques, beginning with case filing and concluding with steps for streamlining trials and discusses a number of special topics, including pro se and high visibility cases, the role of staff, and automation that supports case management. The manual, which was produced in response to the Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990, is based on the experiences of federal district and magistrate judges and reflects techniques they have developed.

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January 1, 1996

Los Tribunales Federales y lo que Hacen por El Centro Judicial Federal is a Spanish language translation of the information pamphlet Federal Courts and What They Do. It explains the operation of the federal courts, and is suitable for those with no legal background. It includes a glossary of terms.

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January 1, 1991

This manual was prepared in 1991 to help judges organize opinions and improve their opinion writing. Prepared with the assistance of judges, law professors, and writers, it offers advice on writing tailored to the needs of the federal judiciary.

This publication was translated to Russian by the U.S. Agency for International Development. The Federal Judicial Center cannot vouch for the accuracy of the translation.

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