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Reports and Studies

Below is a list of a number of past published studies conducted by the Research Division. Some Center reports are not published or made publicly available due to restrictions in place from the source of the research request. Most research reports can be downloaded and in some instances, a hardcopy publication can be requested.

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Case Management and Court Management in United States District Courts

An oft-cited analysis of the differences between court management procedures resulting in fast versus slow processing and those resulting in high versus low rates of disposition. This volume reports the overall results of the District Court Studies Project, a long-range effort by the Federal Judicial Center to assist the work of the United States district courts. The goal of the project is to help the courts achieve and reconcile the purpose stated in Rule 1 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: "to secure the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action." Specifically, the project has been designed to determine what procedures are associated with the highest possible speed and productivity, consistent with he highest standards of justice. Alternative procedures are examined and recommended.

January 1, 1977
An Evaluation of Computer Assisted Legal Research Systems for Federal Court Applications

This report describes a Federal Judicial Center study that evaluated the use of computer-assisted legal research systems in federal courts in the 1970s.The report explained the systems that were compared and the methodology of the project, provides comparative data, and recommended adoption of the "full-text" system for use in federal courts.

January 1, 1977
Appellate Court Case Weights Project

An attempt to develop estimates of relative workload in the courts of appeals without detailed timekeeping by judges. Judges estimated the relative workload associated with various appeal types, and their estimates were used to calculate case weights. The report concluded that the weighted caseloads produced by this method were not useful measures of appellate workload, but cautioned that the method could not be adequately assessed given the inconsistencies in the appellate court statistical reporting systems in place in the mid-1970s.

Please note: There is a typographical error in this document. The number VI was accidentally skipped when putting together the sequence of tables, but no text or table is missing from the report.

Also note: This report is reprinted in Part Two of Managing Appeals in Federal Courts, Federal Judicial Center, 1988.

January 1, 1977
Observation and Study: Critique and Recommendations on Federal Procedures

An evaluation of study commitments under 18 U.S. C. Sections 4205(c) and 5010(e). The report concludes that the objective of observation and study--obtaining professional evaluations to support sentencing decisions--has not been met. The author proposes a new model for these studies.

January 1, 1977
An Evaluation of the Civil Appeals Management Plan: An Experiment in Judicial Administration

An evaluation of the first experimental operation of the Civil Appeals Management Plan (CAMP) of the Second Circuit. The report evaluated a set of procedures designed to eliminate burdensome appeals, improve the quality of appeals, and expedite the appellate process through the use of mandatory scheduling orders and pre-argument conferences supervised by staff counsel. The report concluded that the initial experiment failed to provide conclusive evidence of the plan's substantive value but that further analysis is warranted (but see A Reevaluation of the Civil Appeals Management Plan).

January 1, 1977
Data Analysis at the Federal Judicial Center

This report to the Federal Judicial Center looks at problems related to the collection and analysis of data that were encountered during the Center's first 10 years of existence. These include the inability of available computer facilities to support research effectively and problems with the data or its documentation.

January 1, 1977
Progress Report on Phase I: A Project to Develop a Predictive System for the Allocation of Judges January 1, 1977
Role of the Judge in the Settlement Process

An analysis of some judicial techniques that help maximize the possibility of freely negotiated settlements. Reprinted in 75 Federal Rules Decisions 203

January 1, 1977
Recommended Procedures for Handling Prisoner Civil Rights Cases in the Federal Courts

A report on the role of the federal courts in handling "conditions of confinement" complaints by both state and federal prisoners, with emphasis on state cases brought under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983. Procedures for handling such cases from initial filing through the pretrial stages are presented.

January 1, 1977
Evaluation of the Probable Impact of Selected Proposals for Imposing Mandatory Minimum Sentences in the Federal Courts

A comparison of sentencing practices in fiscal 1976 with sentencing proposals offered in the second session of the 95th Congress. The authors conclude that few sentences imposed by federal judges would conflict with the legislative proposals, except those in the opiate, bank robbery, and aggravated assault offense categories.

January 1, 1977