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Reports & Studies

Below is a list of a number of past published studies conducted by the Research Division. Some Center reports are not published or made publicly available due to restrictions in place from the source of the research request. Most research reports can be downloaded and in some instances, a hardcopy publication can be requested. See also Manuals, Monographs, & Guides.

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Report on Legal Research Practices in Three Federal Courts and Possible Computer Applications To Those Practices


February 15, 1974
Geographical Division of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals: An Historical Analysis

In 1975, the Commission on Revision of the Federal Court Appellate System, chaired by Senator Roman L. Hruska, recommended to the Congress, the President and Chief Justice of the United States that the geographical boundaries of the Fifth and Ninth Circuits be altered to create four circuits. This would be only the second time that the geographical boundaries would be altered since the creation of the then-existing federal circuit court system in 1891. The previous alteration was in 1929 when the Tenth Circuit was created from the then-U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

This historical analysis was prepared as background material for the Commission, and is still considered by many to be the definitive work on the division of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit. The analysis describes events surrounding the 1929 change, and discusses motivating issues that recurred during the debate of the mid-1970's.

June 1, 1974
Forecasts of Case Filing Volumes in the Federal District Courts

The goal of this study was forecasts of case filing volumes in federal district courts. The effort was interdisciplinary involving statisticians, computer scientists, political scientists, lawyers, and economists. The study was developed by Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories, under contract to the Federal Judicial Center.

December 1, 1974
Attitudes of United States Judges Toward Limitation of Oral Argument and Opinion-Writing in the United States Courts of Appeals

The results of a survey undertaken for the Commission on Revision of the Federal Court Appellate System, in which the attitudes of federal judges regarding appellate oral argument and opinion-writing practices were explored. The author concludes that judges are more satisfied with truncated procedures in the appellate courts than are lawyers; lawyers would opt for more judges and courts to ease the burden on court dockets.

January 1, 1975
Structure and Internal Procedures: Recommendations for Change

The FJC is the repository for publications of the Commission on Revision of the Federal Court Appellate System and has available a limited number of copies of the commission's report: Structure and Internal Procedures: Recommendations for Change (1975). Transcripts of the hearings before the commission in its first phase (one volume) and second phase (two volumes) are available only on loan. The Geographical Boundaries of the Several Judicial Circuits: Recommendations for Change (1973)

January 1, 1975
Appellate Review of Trial Court Discretion

A discussion of types of cases in which judicial discretionbased on facts and guided by lawis applied in trial courts. Presented at a Seminar for Federal Appellate Judges sponsored by the Federal Judicial Center, May 13-16, 1975

May 13, 1975
District Court Caseload Forecasting: An Executive Summary

A summary of the first phase of the Center's project to develop a caseload forecasting model. The study concludes that indicator-based forecasts can and should be used to help allocate district court resources.

October 1, 1975
Consequences of Alternative Sentences

This document was used during a Sentencing Institute for the Sixth and Ninth Circuits, held November 11-14, 1975. Using a hypothetical case, it presents:

  • Salient Factor Computation
  • Guidelines for Decision Making―Adults
  • Guidelines for Decision Making―Youth
  • Guidelines for Decision Making―Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation Act of 1966
  • Sentence Alternatives
  • Report on Sentenced Offender by U. S. District Judge (A.O. Form 235)
  • Summary of Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation Act of 1966 [NARA]
  • Institutional Description―Terminal Island
  • Notice of Action Worksheet (Revised)
  • MAP―U.S. Board of Parole Regions
November 11, 1975
Guidelines for Pre-Recording Testimony on Videotape Prior to Trial, Second Edition

A description of techniques, equipment, and procedures for videotaping depositions. The report includes forms, state and federal rules, cases, and a listing of articles on this subject.

January 1, 1976
District Court Studies Project: Interim Report


January 1, 1976