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Reports and Studies

Below is a list of a number of past published studies conducted by the Research Division. Some Center reports are not published or made publicly available due to restrictions in place from the source of the research request. Most research reports can be downloaded and in some instances, a hardcopy publication can be requested.

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Report on Legal Research Practices in Three Federal Courts and Possible Computer Applications To Those Practices


February 15, 1974
Attorney Attitudes Toward Limitation of Oral Argument and Written Opinion in Three U.S. Courts of Appeals

A report prepared for the Commission on Revision of the Federal Court Appellate System

January 1, 1974
Developments in Judicial Administration: A Five-Year Summary

This brief report highlights modernizing developments in the state and federal judiciaries during the period 1970 to 1974, and reflects the Center's responsibility to promote and encourage judicial improvement.

January 1, 1974
The Second Circuit Sentencing Study: A Report to the Judges of the Second Circuit

The report on a sentencing experiment that revealed substantial disparity in determining both the need for incarceration and the lengths of prison terms to be imposed. Matters of disparity and the effects of particular case characteristics are discussed.

January 1, 1974
Guidelines for Pre-Recording Testimony on Videotape Prior to Trial [Superseded]

These guidelines were first devised for a pilot project in four U.S. District Courts to evaluate the use of videotape, and to develop rules and procedures for the future use of videotape in the courts. The graphics in this publication are crude, hand drawn figures.

Superseded by Guidelines for Pre-Recording Testimony on Videotape Prior to Trial, Second Edition (1976).

January 1, 1974
Courtran II: An Assessment of Applications and Computer Requirements


January 1, 1974
Pilot Project on Communicating Automatic Typewriters: Evaluation Report

In response to concerns expressed about delay in transmission of proposed opinions and emergency motion papers among the widely-scattered judges of the Temporary Court of Emergency Appeals (TECA), the Federal Judicial Center conducted a pilot project experimenting with the use of IBM Magnetic Card Selectric Typewriters and Western Electric 103A Data-Set equipment with communication capabilities over telephone lines.

June 23, 1973
Expediting Review of Felony Convictions After Trial: Report of the Committee on Criminal Appeals of the Advisory Council on Appellate Justice

General propositions and recommended procedures to expedite the processing of criminal appeals. The suggestions for handling these cases are designed to achieve a fair and complete review within ninety days from imposition of sentence.

January 1, 1973
Decision-Making Procedures in U.S. Courts of Appeals for the 2nd and 5th Circuits

Summarizes how the judges of two circuits assess certain significant characteristics of their courts: (1) the memorandum system of deliberation in the Second Circuit; and (2) the 15-judge size of the Fifth Circuit. Data were developed from interviews conducted during 1969-70.

January 1, 1973
Barriers and Incentives to Technology Transfer Into the United States Courts


January 1, 1973