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CJRA Development and Implementation Documents

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Draft: Proposed Responses to Committee Questions 03/22/1990 D.D.C. Aubrey Eugene Robinson Jr. Download
Judiciary Committee Questions for Judges Robinson and Enslen 03/06/1990 Richard Alan Enslen, Aubrey Eugene Robinson Jr., Strom Thurmond, Orrin G. Hatch Download
Letter: Senate Judiciary Committee Questions for Judge Aubrey E. Robinson 03/07/1990 D.D.C. Joseph R. Biden Download
Letters: Senate Judiciary Questions for Judges McGovern and Peckham 06/28/1990 W.D. Wash., N.D. Cal. Joseph R. Biden Download
Memo: Prepared Statements, Committee Hearing Testimony, and Judicial Conference Recommendations 07/06/1990 W.D. Wash., N.D. Cal. Robert F. Peckham, Robert E. Fiedler, Walter Thomas McGovern Download
Memo: Responses of Judges McGovern and Peckham to Questions From the Senate Judiciary Committee on S. 2648 07/06/1990 W.D. Wash., N.D. Cal. Walter Thomas McGovern, Robert E. Fiedler, Robert F. Peckham Download
S. 2648 Hearing 06/01/1990 Joseph R. Biden Download
Testimony of Carl D. Liggio Judicial Improvements Act of 1990, S. 2648 06/26/1990 Carl D. Liggio Download
Transcript of Proceedings: U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary S. 2648 - The Judicial Improvements Act of 1990 06/26/1990 Robert F. Peckham, Walter Thomas McGovern, Diana E. Murphy, Carl D. Liggio Download