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Peck, Ebenezer

Born May 22, 1805, in Portland, ME
Died May 25, 1881, in Chicago, IL

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, Court of Claims
Nominated by Abraham Lincoln on March 6, 1863, to a new seat authorized by 12 Stat. 765. Confirmed by the Senate on March 10, 1863, and received commission on March 10, 1863. Service terminated on May 1, 1878, due to resignation.

Read law, Montreal, Canada, 1827

Professional Career:

Private practice, Stanstead and Sherbrooke, Lower Canada (now Quebec), 1827-1833
King's counsel for Lower Canada (now Quebec), 1833
Member, Legislative Assembly for the Province of Lower Canada (now Quebec), 1829-1835
Internal improvement commissioner, Chicago, Illinois, 1837
State senator, Illinois, 1838-1839
State representative, Illinois, 1840-1842, 1858-1860
Clerk, Illinois Supreme Court, 1841-1848
Private practice, Chicago, Illinois, 1846-1863
Publisher and editor, The Argus, Chicago, Illinois, 1850
Reporter, Illinois Supreme Court, 1849-1863