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Welker, Martin

Born April 25, 1819, in Knox County, OH
Died March 15, 1902, in Wooster, OH

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio
Received a recess appointment from Ulysses Grant on November 25, 1873, to a seat vacated by Charles T. Sherman; nominated to the same position by Ulysses Grant on December 2, 1873. Confirmed by the Senate on December 8, 1873, and received commission on December 8, 1873. Service terminated on June 1, 1889, due to retirement.

Read law, 1840

Professional Career:

Private practice, Millersburg, Ohio, 1840-1846, 1851-1852
Clerk, Holmes County [Ohio] Court of Common Pleas, 1846-1851
Judge, Ohio Court of Common Pleas, Sixth Judicial District, 1852-1857
Private practice, Wooster, Ohio, 1857
Lieutenant governor, Ohio, 1857-1858
U.S. Army colonel, 1861-1865
U.S. representative from Ohio, 1865-1871
Professor, Wooster College, 1873-1890