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Kilty, William

Born 1757 in London, England
Died October 10, 1821, in Annapolis, MD

Federal Judicial Service:
Chief Judge, Circuit Court of the District of Columbia
Received a recess appointment from Thomas Jefferson on March 23, 1801, to a new seat authorized by 2 Stat. 103; nominated to the same position by Thomas Jefferson on January 6, 1802. Confirmed by the Senate on January 26, 1802, and received commission on January 26, 1802. Service terminated on January 27, 1806, due to resignation.

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College of St. Omer, France

Professional Career:

Continental Army, 4th Maryland Regiment, 1778-1783; surgeon's mate, 1778-1780; surgeon, 1780-1783
Compiler of the laws, State of Maryland, 1798-1800
Chancellor, State of Maryland, 1806-1821