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Federal Judicial History

The Center conducts research and produces resources on the history of the judicial branch of the federal government.  These resources include compilations of historical data on the courts, information about judges and judicial administration, as well as publications on federal judicial history. The Center also maintains a biographical directory of Article III judges from 1789 to the present, engages in outreach and education on federal judicial history, and works to promote the preservation of the history of the judicial branch.

Twitter Feed (@FedJudicialHist)

  • #SCOTUS decided Osborn v. Bank of the U.S. #OTD in 1824; Marshall Court interpreted "arising under" jurisdictional language of Article III broadly; Bank's federal charter caused cases in which it was involved to arise under federal law & be cognizable in U.S. circuit courts
    4 days 17 hours ago
  • Congress created the U.S. District Court for the District of #Hawaii #OTD in 1959, to be effective upon statehood (pic: Honolulu courthouse, built 1922)
    5 days 16 hours ago
  • John Jay Jackson, Jr., retired #OTD in 1905 after serving as a U.S. district judge for 44 years; only district judge to be permanently reassigned to a court in a different state (Western District of Virginia to District of West Virginia in 1864)
    1 week 1 day ago
  • #SCOTUS decided Northern Securities Co. v. United States #OTD in 1904 and ruled 5-4 for government; first instance of "trust-busting" under Sherman Act by Theodore Roosevelt administration
    1 week 2 days ago
  • President John Tyler nominated Reuben H. Walworth (Chancellor of NY, highest judicial officer in state) to #SCOTUS #OTD in 1844 but withdrew the nomination in June; Walworth was nominated 3 times but the Senate never held a confirmation vote
    1 week 3 days ago