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Federal Judicial History

The Center conducts research and produces resources on the history of the judicial branch of the federal government.  These resources include compilations of historical data on the courts, information about judges and judicial administration, as well as publications on federal judicial history. The Center also maintains a biographical directory of Article III judges from 1789 to the present, engages in outreach and education on federal judicial history, and works to promote the preservation of the history of the judicial branch.

Twitter Feed (@FedJudicialHist)

  • Happy #taxday; #SCOTUS upheld the constitutionality of the income tax provisions of the Tariff Act of 1913 in Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad (1916)
    1 week 3 days ago
  • #SCOTUS decided Ex parte McCardle #OTD in 1869; validated congressional withdrawal of Court's jurisdiction over appeals under the Habeas Corpus Act of 1867; Court held in Ex parte Yerger (1869) that it retained habeas jurisdiction conferred by Judiciary Act of 1789
    1 week 6 days ago
  • Lyndon B. Johnson nominated June Lazenby Green to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia #OTD in 1968; 4th woman appointed to a U.S. district court; succeeded the 1st (Burnita Shelton Matthews)
    2 weeks 21 hours ago
  • Neil M. Gorsuch, formerly of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, took the oath of office for #SCOTUS #OTD in 2017
    2 weeks 1 day ago
  • Congress enacted the #Patent Act ("An Act to promote the progress of useful Arts") #OTD in 1790; gave the U.S. district courts jurisdiction over suits to repeal patents obtained improperly; the act was replaced by a new statute in 1793
    2 weeks 1 day ago