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State-Federal Judicial Observer, No. 1

William Hubbs Rehnquist, Robert F. Stephens, James G. Apple
January 1, 1993
Archival Copy on File

In this issue of the State-Federal Judicial Observer:

  • Orlando Meeting Fosters Interest in Judicial Federalism; New State-Federal Councils, Conferences are Planned
  • Tennessee Forms New State-Federal Judicial Council; Ohio Takes Action
  • National Center Publishes New Book on Court Facilities and Design
  • FJC Issues "Starter Kit" to Assist in Organizing State-Federal Councils
  • From the Chief Justices, by William H. Rehnquist & Robert F. Stephens
  • State and Federal Judges Attend Third Medina Humanities Seminar at Princeton; Fourth Seminar is Planned- Western Region Schedules State-Federal Conference for June 1993
  • Philadelphia Courts Couple Solutions to Court Congestion, Historic Preservation: Complex Litigation Center is Created in Restored Wanamaker Department Store Building Near City Hall by James G. Apple
  • National Roundup of Activities of State-Federal Judicial Councils: Review of Council Meetings Reveals Diversity of Agenda Topics: (Alabama, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, Virginia, and Washington)

The State-Federal Judicial Observer was published from 1993-1999 as an occasional newsletter. It was issued by the Center's Interjudicial Affairs Office to further the Center's statutory charge to further cooperation between the state and federal judiciaries. Issues covered a range of topics relating to judicial federalism and provide updates on state-federal judicial councils in the states that have them.