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Unsuccessful Injunction Against State-Court Proscription on Political Gerrymandering

Robert Timothy Reagan
November 23, 2023

League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania v. Pennsylvania (Michael M. Baylson, E.D. Pa. 2:17-cv-5137) and Corman v. Torres (Christopher C. Conner, Kent A. Jordan, and Jerome B. Simandle, M.D. Pa. 1:18-cv-443)
After a state supreme court redrew congressional district lines to remedy excessive partisan gerrymandering, opponents of the new lines sought a federal-court injunction against the state-court decision. A three-judge district court declined to enjoin the state court’s new lines. An earlier attempt to remove the litigation to federal court was unsuccessful because the removal was attempted without the consent of all defendants.
Subject: District lines. Topics: Matters for state courts; malapportionment; three-judge court; intervention; case assignment; removal; attorney fees.

One of many Case Studies in Emergency Election Litigation.