The Foundation is governed by its own Board, which has sole responsibility to determine whether to accept gifts offered to the Foundation.By statute, the Chief Justice of the United States appoints the Board chair and two other members, and the Speaker of the House, and the President Pro Tem of the Senate appoint two Board members each.All serve five year terms. No member of the Board may be a federal or state judge or a person otherwise eligible to perform judicial duties.

The Federal Judicial Center Foundation Board

Appointed by the Chief Justice Appointed by the Speaker of the House Appointed by the President Pro Tem of the Senate
James M. Wagstaffe (Chair)
San Francisco, California
Laurie L. Michel
Washington, D.C.
Peter A. Kraus
Dallas, Texas
Hon. Rebecca Love Kourlis (Ret.)
Denver, Colorado
Benjamin L. Zelenko
Washington, D.C
John B. White, Jr.
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Blake D. Morant
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Foundation Secretary: Nancy Payne
Federal Judicial Center
One Columbus Circle, NE
Washington, DC 20002-8003
ph: 202-502-4130 • fax: 202-502-4099