Civil Record Detail

Circuit (CIRCUIT) 11
District (DISTRICT) 3E
Office (OFFICE) 3
Docket Number (DOCKET) 8200007
Filing Date (FILEDATE) 01/26/1985
Jurisdiction (JURIS) 2
Nature of Suit (NOS) 860
Origin (ORIGIN) 8
Residence (RESIDENC) -8
Class Action (CLASSACT) 0
Termination Judge (TERMJUDG)
Filing Judge (FILEJUDG)
Demand (DEMANDED) 0
Filing Magistrate (FILEMAG)
County (COUNTY) 13285
Style (Parties Involved) (CASENAME) YARBROUGH V H H S
Termination Date (TERMDATE) 08/06/1985
Filing Date Used by AO (FDATEUSE) 8503
Disposition (DISP) 1
Termination Magistrate (TERMMAG)
Procedural Progress (PROCPROG) 3
Nature of Judgment (NOJ) -8
Amount Received (AMTREC) 0
Judgment For (JUDGMENT) 4
Magistrate Involvement (MAGISINV) -9
Other Involvement (OTHERINV) -9
Termination Date Used by AO (TDATEUSE) 8508