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CJRA Development and Implementation Documents

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Article: New Judgeships, Measure to Streamline Civil Suits Approved by Congress. 10/30/1990 Download
Article: New Law Reveals Some Very Old Suits in Judges' Closets 11/11/1991 Saundra Torry Download
Article: Oops Again 12/16/1991 Download
Article: Pact Reached to Cut Costs on Federal Civil Cases 05/18/1990 Charley Roberts Download
Article: Rift Continues on Reforming Civil System 08/11/1992 Terry Carter Download
Article: Shall vs. May ? Judges Rebel Over One Word in Civil Reform Bill. 10/15/1990 Ann Pelham Download
Article: Split of Area's U.S. Courts into Civil, Criminal Branches Urged 03/23/1993 C.D. Cal., S.D. Cal. Henry Weinstein Download
Article: Two top court's 'motions-pending'report 03/01/1993 N.D. Ill. John Flynn Rooney Download
Article: U.S. Judges in N.J. Moving Cases on Time 12/05/1991 D.N.J. Allyson Lee Moore Download
Articles: Civil Justice Reform Ann Pelham, Charley Roberts, Stephen B. Middlebrook Download
Articles: Civil Justice Reform Diana E. Murphy, Robert Banks, Stephen B. Middlebrook, Stephen Labaton, Charley Roberts, Stephen Wermiel, Henry Gottlieb, Ann Pelham, Neil E. Bogan, Janan Hanna, Rhonda McMillion Download
Bar Association of St Louis Resolution 07/16/1990 8th Cir., E.D. Mo. Gerald R. Ortbals, William Haskell Alsup Download
Bar Notice: Amendment to the Civil Justice Expense and Delay Reduction Plan for the Western District of North Carolina 01/09/1995 4th Cir., W.D.N.C. Download
Basic Civil Practice: A Seminar on Basic Civil Practice Before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania 01/07/1993 3rd Cir., E.D. Pa. Eastern District of Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Committee, Michael E. Kunz Download
Brochures: Differentiated Case Management and Standards of Professional Conduct Adopted by the District of Arizona 01/21/1994 9th Cir., D. Ariz. Richard H. Weare, Civil Justice Advisory Group for the District of Arizona Download
Bureau of National Affairs Alternative Dispute Resolution Report Vol. 4, No. 12 06/07/1990 Sophie C. Eilperin Download
CAD/CED Coordination Meeting 01/22/1993 Glen Palman, Emily Z. Huebner, Terry Tinsley Download
CAD/CED Coordination Meeting 05/21/1992 Download
CAD/CED Coordination Meeting 5/5/1994 05/05/1994 Glen Palman, Emily Z. Huebner Download
CADs/Federal Judicial Center Coordination Meeting Proposed Agenda 07/15/1994 Download
CADs/Federal Judicial Center Coordination Meeting Proposed Agenda 02/07/1996 Download
CADs/Federal Judicial Center Coordination Meeting Proposed Agenda 05/24/1995 Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Association of Civil Plaintiffs Delays in United States Courts Download
Central District of California Report of the Advisory Group Expense and Delay Reduction Plan Summary 9th Cir., C.D. Cal. Download
Chief Judge Brieant Appoints Advisory Group to Implement Provisions of the Civil Justice Reform Act 1990 03/01/1991 2nd Cir., S.D.N.Y. Download
Circuit Committee Review of CJRA Reports and Plans: District of Kansas 01/01/1992 10th Cir., D. Kan. 10th Circuit Review Committee Download