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Goldberg, Arthur Joseph

Supreme Court of the United States (1962-1965)

Goldberg, Arthur J. "Arthur J. Goldberg Oral History Interview I." Interview conducted on March 23, 1983, by Ted Gittinger. Lyndon B. Johnson Library, Austin, Texas. Transcript, 36 pages. http://www.lbjlib.utexas.edu/johnson/archives.hom/oralhistory.hom/GoldbergA/goldberg.asp

Goldberg, Arthur J. "Oral history interview with Arthur J. Goldberg." Interview conducted in March 1985. Dean Rusk Oral History Collection, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga., 1984-1989. 1 sound cassette, 29 minutes; transcript, 13 pages.

Goldberg, Arthur J. "The Reminiscences of Arthur J. Goldberg." Interviews conducted in 1970. Oral History Research Office, Butler Library, Columbia University, New York, 1970. Transcript, 51 pages. Permission required.


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