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Douglas, William Orville

Supreme Court of the United States (1939-1980)

Douglas, William O. "William O. Douglas." Interview conducted on November 9, 1967, by John F. Stewart. John F. Kennedy Library, Boston, Massachusetts, 1967. Transcript, 39 pages.

Douglas, William O. "William O. Douglas (Robert F. Kennedy Oral History Project)." Interviews conducted on November 13 and December 2, 1969, by Roberta W. Greene. John F. Kennedy Library, Boston, Massachusetts, 1969. Audiotape, 1 hour, 15 minutes; transcript, 19 pages.

Douglas, William O. "Interview with Associate Justice William O. Douglas." Interviews conducted between December 20, 1961, and December 10, 1963, by Walter F. Murphy. Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton University, New Jersey, 1981. Transcript.

Douglas, William O. "Look Here: William O. Douglas." Interview conducted by Martin Agronsky. NBC Television Network, 1957. Videotape, 29 minutes.

Douglas, William O. "Interview." Interview conducted on October 22, 1964, by Sidney Fine and Robert M. Warner. Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1964. Transcript, 15 pages.


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