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Marshall, John

Supreme Court of the United States, Chief Justice (1801-1835)

American Philosophical Society
Philadelphia, Pa.

Opinions, 1803-1831.
1 vol.; collection contains drafts of Marshall?s opinions delivered in U.S. circuit court.

Opinions delivered in the circuit court of the United States, 1803-1831.
ca. 100 items; collection contains manuscript drafts of his U.S. Supreme Court opinions.

Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.

Albert J. Beveridge collection of the papers of John Marshall, 1776-1844.
300 items; finding aid; papers consisting primarily of material Albert J. Beveridge
gathered for his research on Marshall, which includes copies of correspondence, journals,
account books, and other papers.

Library of Virginia
Richmond, Va.

Marshall family papers, 1786 and undated.
6 pp.; collection contains Marshall?s legal papers, and miscellaneous letters and

Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pa.

Receipt books, 1775-1786.
2 vols.; collection contains Marshall?s receipt books.

Virginia Historical Society
Richmond, Va.

Papers, 1771-1835.
ca. 50 items; finding aid; material concerning Marshall?s residence in Richmond.

College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, Va.

Papers, 1776-1879.
282 items and 2 vols.; finding aid; collection contains letters, law notes, accounts, and
other papers.

American Baptist Historical Society
Rochester, N.Y.

Horatio Gates Jones, Jr., collector, papers, 1711-1906; 0.5 cubic ft.; correspondence
between David Jones and John Marshall.

Cornell University
Ithaca, N.Y.

Arthur H. and Mary Marden Dean Lafayette collection, 1520-1849; 49.3 linear ft.;

Duke University
Durham, N.C.

John Jordan Crittenden papers, 1786-1932; 1,058 items and 3 vols.; political

Papers of James Iredell, Sr., and James Iredell, Jr., 1724-1890; 1,052 items and 6 vols.;
finding aid; political correspondence.

John Rutherford papers, 1754-1931; 2,712 items and 33 vols.; finding aid;

U.S. officeholders? papers, 1780-1941; 2,097 items and 10 vols.; represented.

The Filson Club Historical Society
Louisville, Ky.

Breckinridge-Marshall family papers, 1755-1869; 1 box; correspondence.

Clark-Hite papers, 1734-1812; 4 cubic ft.; collection contains land documents drawn up
by Marshall.

Marshall family papers, 1815-1897; 0.66 cubic ft.; correspondence.

Indiana Historical Society
Indianapolis, Ind.

Thomas Posey papers, 1776-1839; 1 box; finding aid; correspondence.

Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Md.

Edward M. Greenway collection, 1737-1876; 1.25 linear ft.; finding aid; represented.

Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.

James Leander Cathcart papers, 1785-1817; 1.2 linear ft. (300 items); correspondence.

Gabriel Duvall papers, 1780-1920; 2 containers (180 items); correspondence.

Robert Goodloe Harper papers, 1796-1823; 50 items; correspondence.

Benjamin Henry Latrobe papers, 1803-1817; 400 items; correspondence.

Charles Simms papers, 1731-1822; 1,100 items; finding aid; correspondence; collection
is a part of the Peter Force papers.

Library of Virginia
Richmond, Va.

Nathaniel Francis Cabell, collection of papers relating to Virginia?s agricultural history,
1771-1879; 595 pp.; finding aid; correspondence.

John Randolph correspondence, 1822-1831; 11 leaves; finding aid; political

Tucker-Ewell papers, 1770-1893; 183 leaves; correspondence.

Maryland Historical Society
Baltimore, Md.

Thomas Waters Griffith papers, 1791-1831; 4 fascicles and 2 vols.; correspondence.

David Bailie Warden papers, 1797-1851; ca. 5 ft.; correspondence.

William Wirt papers, 1784-1864; 9 ft.; finding aid; represented; microfilm copy available
at Yale University.

New York Public Library
New York, N.Y.

William Paterson papers, 1786-1804; 1 vol.; correspondence.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Southern Historical Collection
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Louis Marshall papers, 1816-1842, 1975; 5 items and 2 vols.; finding aid; 12 letters from
John Marshall to his brother, Louis Marshall.

Ohio Historical Society
Columbus, Ohio

Charles Hammond correspondence, 1801-1840; 2 ft.; represented.

Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pa.

Peter Stephen Du Ponceau papers, 1663-1844; represented.

James Gibson papers, 1712-1846; 2.5 linear ft.; correspondence.

Hopkinson family papers, 1736-1944; 3 ft. and 19 vols.; finding aid; correspondence.

Richard Peters correspondence, 1821-1847; correspondence.

Princeton University
Princeton, N.J.

Samuel Lewis Southard papers; 20,000 items; correspondence.

Rutgers University
New Brunswick, N.J.

William Paterson papers, 1689-1898; ca. 1.4 cubic ft.; finding aid; correspondence.

Anthony Walton White papers, 1677-1918; 800 items; correspondence.

University of South Carolina
South Caroliniana Library
Columbia, S.C.

Hugh Swinton Legare papers, 1814-1890; 249 items and 1 vol.; correspondence.

Virginia Historical Society
Richmond, Va.

Breckinridge family papers, 1740-1902; 331 items; correspondence.

William Garnett Chisolm papers, 1749-1955; 1,784 items; correspondence.

Records of the Colonization Society of Virginia, 1823-1859; 2 vols.; collection contains a
minute book and an account book of the society during Marshall?s tenure as president.

Lee family papers, 1761-1882; 6 vols.; material pertaining to Marshall.

Massie family papers, 1698-1900; 7,030 items; correspondence.

Archibald Stuart papers, 1786-1822; 51 items; correspondence.

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Va.

James Breckenridge papers, 1783-1904; 456 items; finding aid; correspondence.

Joseph Carrington Cabell papers, 1731-1917; 22 ft.; correspondence.

Dabney family papers, 1718-1936; 2 ft. (1,000 items); finding aid; correspondence.

Thomas Walker papers, 1742-1886; ca. 250 items; finding aid; correspondence.

Washington and Lee University
Lexington, Va.

Papers of Zechariah Johnston and family, 1747-1893; ca. 540 items; political

College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, Va.

Tucker-Coleman papers, 1680-1959; ca. 30,000 items; finding aid; correspondence.

State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Madison, Wis.

Draper manuscripts: Jonathan Clark papers, 1728-1810; 0.3 cubic ft.; finding aid;


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