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Jackson, Robert Houghwout

Supreme Court of the United States (1941-1954)

Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.

Papers, 1853-1983.
68,850 items; finding aid; collection contains correspondence, legal and subject files, financial papers, speeches, and writings documenting Jackson`s public career (1932-1954).

American Philosophical Society
Philadelphia, Pa.

Thomas Milton Rivers papers, 1941-1963; 11 ft.; correspondence.

University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Ark.

Clyde Taylor Ellis papers, 1933-1976; 13 ft.; finding aid; correspondence.

Columbia University
School of International Affairs
New York, N.Y.

Charles Poletti papers, 1921-1972; 28 ft.; correspondence.

Harvard University Law School
Cambridge, Mass.

Papers of Raoul Berger, 1921-1982; 1.5 linear ft. (ca. 1,500 items); finding aid; correspondence.

Charles Culp Burlingham papers, 1876-1960; 9 ft. (ca. 8,500 items); finding aid; correspondence.

Papers of Felix Frankfurter, 1900-1965; 115 linear ft. (ca. 45,000 items); finding aid; restricted; represented in case files and correspondence.

Papers of Thomas Reed Powell, 1905-1955; 10 linear ft. (6,000 items); finding aid; correspondence.

Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.

Wendell Berge papers, 1907-1950; 24 ft. (12,000 items); finding aid; correspondence.

Hugo Lafayette Black papers, 1883-1976; 216 linear ft. (130,000 items); finding aid; restricted; correspondence.

Earl Warren papers, 1864-1974; 250,000 items; finding aid; correspondence.

University of Michigan
Bentley Historical Library
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Prentiss Marsh Brown papers, 1902-1973; 28 linear ft.; finding aid; correspondence.

Edward Gearing Kemp papers, 1920-1962; 2 linear ft. and 1 vol.; correspondence.

James Kerr Pollock papers, 1920-1968; ca. 111.2 linear ft.; finding aid; correspondence.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum
Hyde Park, N.Y.

Henry Morgenthau papers, 1866-1948; 414 ft.; correspondence.

Herbert Claiborne Pell papers, 1912-1961; 28 ft.; political correspondence.

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Va.

Homer Stille Cummings papers, 1886-1956; 171 ft. (ca. 24,000 items); finding aid; correspondence.

Walter Wyatt papers, 1916-1963; ca. 44,000 items; finding aid; restricted; correspondence.

University of Virginia Law School
Charlottesville, Va.

Barrett Prettyman papers, 1944-1982; 4 boxes (3 linear ft.); finding aid; restricted; correspondence (1944-1956), memoranda, draft opinions, and other documents (1953-1955) from Prettyman`s clerkships with Jackson.

State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Madison, Wis.

DeWitt Clinton Poole papers, 1918-1952; 3.4 cubic ft.; finding aid; correspondence.

University of Wyoming
American Heritage Center
Laramie, Wyo.

Harry Barnard papers, 1925-1977; 32 ft.; finding aid; correspondence.

Yale University
Sterling Memorial Library
New Haven, Conn.

Charles Edward Clark papers, 1907-1967; 56 linear ft. (140 boxes, 1 folio); finding aid; correspondence.

Anson Phelps Stokes family papers, 1761-1960; 132 linear ft.; finding aid; correspondence.


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