History of the Federal Judiciary

  Biographical Directory of Federal Judges
Conkling, Alfred
Born October 12, 1789, in Amagansett, NY
Died February 5, 1874, in Utica, NY

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U.S. District Court, Northern District of New York
Received a recess appointment from John Quincy Adams on August 27, 1825, to a seat vacated by Roger Skinner; nominated to the same position by John Quincy Adams on December 13, 1825. Confirmed by the Senate on December 14, 1825, and received commission on December 14, 1825. Service terminated on August 25, 1852, due to resignation.

Union College, 1810
Read law, 1812

Professional Career:
Private practice, Johnstown, New York, 1812-1813
Private practice, Canajoharie, New York, 1813-1819
District attorney, Montgomery County, New York, 1819-1821
U.S. representative from New York, 1821-1823
Private practice, Albany, New York, 1823-1825
Minister to Mexico, U.S. Department of State, 1852-1853
Private practice, Omaha, Nebraska, 1853-1861
Writer, Rochester and Geneseo, New York, 1861-1872
Writer, Utica, New York, 1872-1874

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