History of the Federal Judiciary

  U.S. District Courts for the Districts of Tennessee

   Judges of the Eastern District of Tennessee
Number of judges who have served on the court: 25
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McNairy, John (1802-1833)
Brown, Morgan Welles (1834-1853)
Humphreys, West Hughes (1853-1862)
Trigg, Connally Findlay (1862-1880)
Key, David McKendree (1880-1895)
Clark, Charles Dickens (1895-1908)
Sanford, Edward Terry (1908-1923)
Hicks, Xenophon (1923-1928)
Taylor, George Caldwell (1928-1952)
Darr, Leslie Rogers (1939-1967)
Taylor, Robert Love (1949-1987)
Wilson, Frank Wiley (1961-1982)
Neese, Charles Gelbert (1961-1989)
Milburn, Herbert Theodore (1983-1984)
Hull, Thomas Gray (1983-2008)
Jarvis, James Howard II (1984-2007)
Edgar, Robert Allan (1985-present)
Jordan, Robert Leon (1988-present)
Collier, Curtis Lynn (1995-present)
Phillips, Thomas W. (2002-present)
Varlan, Thomas A. (2003-present)
Greer, J. Ronnie (2003-present)
Mattice, Harry Sandlin Jr. (2005-present)
Reeves, Pamela Lynn (2014-present)
McDonough, Travis Randall (2015-present)


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