The Center operates the Federal Judicial Television Network (FJTN), a satellite broadcast network with viewing sites in more than 300 federal court locations, making it the second largest nonmilitary television network in the federal government. In addition to broadcasting its own educational programs to the courts, the Center transmits educational and informational programming from the Administrative Office and the Sentencing Commission to judges and court staff over the FJTN. In 2003, the FJTN broadcast 154 programs, 36 of which aired live. Center educational programming consisted of 73 programs. Of these, 18 were live, interactive broadcasts in which judges and court staff at courthouses around the country could speak directly with faculty. A Center periodical, the FJTN Bulletin, provides broadcast schedules, program descriptions, and other news about the network. As part of an effort to reduce mass mailings to the courts, the Bulletin is available only in electronic form on the courts’ intranet.