Educational programs & materials

This page contains links to web sites and other materials that the Center produces as part of its educational programs for judges and court employees.

Case Studies in Emergency Election Litigation

Bankruptcy Basics (video) is available on the United States Court's website, where it accompanies a written publication by the same title. The video Bankruptcy Basics is also available on YouTube.

Inside the Federal Courts orientation site

The Patent Process: An Overview for Jurors (video) (YouTube)
November 2013
This brief video provides jurors in a patent case an explanation of what a patent is and the process for obtaining it. It has been carefully crafted, in consultation with judges and members of the bar, to present a balanced view of the patent process, but individual judges will want to review it carefully and consult with counsel before deciding whether to use it in a particular case. This
sample patent was developed to accompany the video.

Multijurisdiction Litigation
A joint project by the National Center for State Courts, the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, and the Federal Judicial Center that will serve as a clearinghouse for information on the coordination and management of related cases that are pending simultaneously in both state and federal courts. The website provides useful tips for initiating contact with judges in other jurisdictions regarding related cases, for coordinating discovery across jurisdictional lines, and for managing attorney disputes. It also includes links to a large number of model orders on these and other subjects. (April 2013)

Pilot Project Regarding Initial Discovery Protocols for Employment Cases Alleging Adverse Action
Employment Protocols Committee, November 2011 (publication) 17 pages

Program for Consultations in Dispute Resolution

Resources for managing capital cases

Resources on courtroom technology

Resources on Special Masters and Court-Appointed Experts

State-federal judicial education programs