Special Needs Offenders: An Overview of Sex Offenders in the Federal System
Mark J. Maggio; Andres Hernandez; Steven Jensen; David N. Adair Jr.; Terry Childers; Lynn Johnson; Peggy Kellow
Federal Judicial Television Network (FJTN)
Federal Judicial Center
October 29, 1998
3771-V/98 (one DVD) (1 hour 56 minutes) (print material)

Originally broadcast in October 1998, this program introduces probation and pretrial services officers and managers to sex offenders and the risk-management and case-management issues they present. Through panel discussions, guest speakers, and video segments, participants learn about the basic behavioral characteristics exhibited by sex offenders; how to investigate and supervise sex offenders; the role treatment plays in managing a sex offender's deviant behavior and the qualifications of an effective provider of treatment for sex offenders; an overview of the Sex Offender Treatment Program at the Bureau of Prisons facility at Butner, N.C.; and some of the legal issues associated with managing sex offender cases.

The program's participant guide is available online.

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Table of contents
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Segment 1: Sex Offender Characteristics
Sex Offenders
Are All Sex Offenders Dangerous?

Segment 2: Evaluation and Treatment
Psychosexual Evaluation
How to Tell if You Have a Comprehensive Psychosexual Evaluation
Choosing a Qualified Treatment Provider
Treatment Issues
Therapy and Treatment Models
Legal Issues: Polygraph and Plethysmograph
The Sex Offender Treatment Program at FCI Butner

Segment 3: Investigation and Identification
Look Beyond the Offense
Request a Psychosexual Evaluation
Make Collateral Contacts
Interview Offender
Recommend Supervision Conditions

Segment 4: Risk Control. 15
Notification and Registration
Supervision Issues
Avoiding Officer Burnout

Appendix A: Paraphilia
Appendix B: Biographies
Appendix C: Resources
Appendix D: Learn More About It

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