Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence, Second Edition
2000, 638 pages
(In Print: Available for Distribution)
A reference to assist judges in managing expert evidence in cases involving issues of science or technology. The second edition of Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence has been published and distributed to federal judges. The public may purchase copies from Matthew Bender Publishing Co. (1-800-833-9844) or West Group (1-800-344-5009). The manual can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format below.

● Preface, by Fern M. Smith
● Introduction, by Stephen Breyer
● The Supreme Court's Trilogy on the Admissibility of Expert Evidence, by Margaret A. Berger
● Management of Expert Evidence, by William W Schwarzer & Joe S. Cecil
● How Science Works, by David Goodstein
● Reference Guide on Statistics, by David H. Kaye & David A. Freedman
● Reference Guide on Multiple Regression, by Daniel L. Rubinfeld
● Reference Guide on Survey Research, by Shari Seidman Diamond
● Reference Guide on Estimation of Economic Losses in Damages Awards, by Robert E. Hall & Victoria A. Lazear
● Reference Guide on Epidemiology, by Michael D. Green, D. Mical Freedman & Leon Gordis
● Reference Guide on Toxicology, by Bernard D. Goldstein & Mary Sue Henifin
● Reference Guide on Medical Testimony, by Mary Sue Henifin, Howard M. Kipen & Susan R. Poulter
● Reference Guide on DNA Evidence, by David H. Kaye & George F. Sensabaugh, Jr.
● Reference Guide on Engineering Practice and Methods, by Henry Petrosk

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