Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence, Second Edition
2000, 638 pages
(In Print: Available for Distribution)
A reference to assist judges in managing expert evidence in cases involving issues of science or technology.

● Preface, by Fern M. Smith
● Introduction, by Stephen Breyer
● The Supreme Court's Trilogy on the Admissibility of Expert Evidence, by Margaret A. Berger
● Management of Expert Evidence, by William W Schwarzer & Joe S. Cecil
● How Science Works, by David Goodstein
● Reference Guide on Statistics, by David H. Kaye & David A. Freedman
● Reference Guide on Multiple Regression, by Daniel L. Rubinfeld
● Reference Guide on Survey Research, by Shari Seidman Diamond
● Reference Guide on Estimation of Economic Losses in Damages Awards, by Robert E. Hall & Victoria A. Lazear
● Reference Guide on Epidemiology, by Michael D. Green, D. Mical Freedman & Leon Gordis
● Reference Guide on Toxicology, by Bernard D. Goldstein & Mary Sue Henifin
● Reference Guide on Medical Testimony, by Mary Sue Henifin, Howard M. Kipen & Susan R. Poulter
● Reference Guide on DNA Evidence, by David H. Kaye & George F. Sensabaugh, Jr.
● Reference Guide on Engineering Practice and Methods, by Henry Petrosk

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