History of the Federal Judiciary

History of the Federal Judiciary

  The Judicial Branch: Administration, Staff, and Legislation
Administrative Offices and Agencies:
     Judicial Conference of the United States
     Office of the Chief Justice
     Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts
     Federal Judicial Center
     U.S. Sentencing Commission
     Executive Branch Administration of the Federal Judiciary

Federal Judiciary Appropriations (PDF)

The Federal Judicial Circuits

Creating the Federal Judicial System (PDF)

Court Officers and Staff:
     Clerks of Court
     Bankruptcy Referees
     U.S. Marshals
     U.S. Attorneys (originally District Attorneys)
     Court Reporters
     Reporter of Decisions
     Probation and Pretrial Services Officers
     Counselor to the Chief Justice
     Circuit Executives
     Law Clerks
     Court Criers
     Judges’ Secretaries

Debates on the Federal Judiciary: A Documentary History:
     Volume I: 1789-1875 (PDF)
     Volume II: 1875-1939 (PDF)

Congressional Committees on the Judiciary

Landmark Judicial Legislation


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