One of the Federal Judicial Center's duties is to teach federal court employees about how the courts work, how they are organized, and how they fit into the U.S. system of government. We developed this site as an easy reference to help court employees understand aspects of the federal courts outside of their specific responsibilities. We put it on our public website because it may also help students, the media, and the public learn more about the federal courts. You can navigate the site using the arrows at the bottom of each page, or you can click on a topic heading in the menu bar on the left to explore a particular subject, such as What the Federal Courts Do. You can use the Site Map to see a detailed list of the site’s contents. To find a particular word or phrase, use Search at the top of a page. To find the meaning of particular words, browse the Definitions or click on an underlined word to view its definition.

So now let's go Inside the Federal Courts.

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