Report from National Science Panel

Last updated: December 15, 1998

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The report (hard copy) of the National Science Panel was served on representatives of the parties in the late afternoon, November 30, 1998, and was filed in the court clerk's office on December 1, 1998.  The summary of the report, as prepared by the Panel, can be viewed over the internet as an "html" file by clicking on summary. Copies of the portions of the report can also be downloaded in WordPerfect 6.0+, Word 97, RTF, or Adobe PDF format by clicking below on the portion and format desired.  If you do not have an Acrobat Reader to view Adobe PDF formats, you can download this from

Note that, depending on word-processing format selected, there may be some differences from the hard copy with respect to such matters as pagination, margins, indentations, fonts, footnote placement, etc.  Also note that some of the PDF files are quite large, requiring a long downloading-time.

  WordPerfect 6.0+ format Word 97 format RTF format Adobe PDF format
Index and Panel's Summary of Report Summary (wp6) Summary (doc) Summary (rtf) Summary (pdf)
Chapter I--Review of Animal Studies Relevant to Silicone Toxicity (Principal Author: Dr. Kerkvliet) Chapter I (wp6) Chapter I (doc) Chapter I (rtf) Chapter I (pdf)
Chapter II--Clinical Immunology (Principal Author: Dr. Diamond) Chapter II (wp6) Chapter II (doc) Chapter II (rft) Chapter II (pdf)
Chapter III--Epidemiological Analysis of Silicone Breast Implants and Connective Tissue Diseases (Principal Author: Dr. Hulka) Chapter III (wp6) (exclusive of figures 7 and 8) Chapter III (doc) (exclusive of figures 7 and 8) Chapter III (rtf) (exclusive of figures 7 and 8, not readable in this format) Chapter III (pdf)
Figures 7 and 8 (wp6) Figures 7 and 8 (doc)
Chapter IV--Rheumatology: Clinical Case Definitions/Diagnoses and Clinical Associations (Principal Author: Dr. Tugwell) Chapter IV (wp6) Chapter IV (doc) Chapter IV (rtf) Chapter IV (pdf)